This page includes the Armenian and non-Armenian press coverage of the Centennial celebrations of the Diocese. The articles are arranged accoring to the date of their release in the press.

January 6:      "Welcome to the Centennial!"
January 7:      "Diocesan Centennial Celebrations on the Information Super Highway"

February 10:  "Laying Foundation for the Next Hundred Years"
February 20:  "The 'Centennial Endowment Fund' Will Provide Education and Outreach
                      For a New Generation in Both America and Armenia
February 23:  An Investor in Our Future:
                     The First in a Series Profiling Major Donors to the Centennial Endowment Fund
February 24:  Leading By Example
February 25:  Fortitude and Faith
February 26:  Hearts of Gold
April 13:        A Gift of Security
April 13:         Former Senator Robert Dole to Receive Diocesan Centennial Award at Ellis Island Celebration
April 14:        A Legendary Tradition Continues
April 14:        Finding “Gold in the Streets”